First Quest: The Music

This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we look at (and listen to) First Quest: The Music, a double LP record of electronic music and narration for an officially licensed (and totally ridiculous) Dungeons & Dragons adventure printed on the sleeves. Is it a precursor to dungeonsynth? Sort of? Is it a precursor to the 1994 First Quest box set for D&D, which included an audio CD full of mortifying sound cues for the included introductory adventures? Probably? Is it way a better listen than it has any business being? Absolutely, yes.

* * *

You can listen to the whole album on YouTube. The main source of information on First Quest: The Music is on Blogonomicon. If you scroll down into the comments, you’ll find a lengthy one by David Miller, one of the key folks responsible for the creation of the album.2 Warps to Neptune has some additional information as well.

* * *

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