I7: Baltron’s Beacon

Working through some more of the I-series modules this week. First up, I7: Baltron’s Beacon (1985). Larry Elmore on the cover, as if you didn’t know. Inside’s all Jim Roslof, which is a treat — I feel like Roslof was underutilized at the time and, unfortunately, under-appreciated afterwards. I always dig the clarity and movement of his line work when I see it.

Bog standard dungeon crawl for the most part. Literally, as there is a bit of swamp traversal as well. The beacon is a tower, but there is also a gatehouse and a couple underground levels to investigate. Monster selection feels somewhat random, which, I dunno, isn’t bothering me the way it might have at one time. The unusual thing about the adventure is the presence of S-series-style handout illustrations and some elaborate visual puzzles. They class up the joint pretty nicely, actually.

A workhorse module. Nothing mind-blowing, but also no major problems. That honestly makes it more unusual than you might expect…

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