Fantastic Treasures II (1985)

Oh hey, Fantastic Treasures II (1985)! I didn’t see that coming (I totally saw that coming).

This one runs from M to Z. The layout seems slightly more spacious and the art throughout (by Teanna Lee Byerts) is way more consistent and of higher quality than the previous volume, which is a little jarring. Also jarring is the shade of pinkish/peach that stat boxes and design accents are printed in. It is just slightly uncomfortable to my eye. That’s probably a nitpick though.

As for the treasures themselves, it’s once again a collection of items from myth and legend. This set seems routinely more interesting (I say “seems” because I have an irrational bias for the latter half of the alphabet and will usually read a book arranged alphabetically backwards, starting from Z, because of this). I didn’t expect to see Rumplestiltskin’s spinning wheel or Ragnar Lothbrook’s armor in the mix.

Still, no real surprises; the biggest mystery for me is whether that is supposed to be Red Sonja on the cover (spoiler: it is).

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