Lich Lords (1985)

Lich Lords (1985) has a very cool recycled Frank Frazetta cover and, somewhat amusingly, an ad for the just-opened Frazetta Museum on the copyright page. This is a Role Aids adventure I often see cited as a favorite. I don’t think this one is bad, really, but I do think that the Frazetta cover predisposed a lot of people to enjoy a module that is just pretty OK instead of really frickin’ good. The back cover has a real good tag line though: “Fail and see a world…CRUSHED BY SKELETAL HANDS.”

Basically, there was once an evil city named Ool (good evil city name, tbh) rule by liches, but the gods didn’t like them, so they buried the city. After centuries, the liches are awake and their evil is seeping back into the world, so go to Ool and kill ‘em. Or, novelty: go to Ool, recruit the lesser Lich lords to your side and with them, kill the High Lich or whatever he is called. Then betray the other liches, cuz the king who hired you wants all their crowns. Easy peasy.

The new high level magic and material on wishes amounts to a single page of forgettable text. Weirdly, this book has nothing to do with the Lich Lords portrayed in Undead a couple years later (and covered here last month).

The interiors are by Keith Berdak and David B. Bromley. Lots of good stuff, like the main lich and the demon in particular.

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