Throne of Evil (1984)

This is Throne of Evil (1984), an adventure for the Role Aids line that has nothing to do with the Rowena painting on the cover (originally from the cover of Victor Canning’s The Crimson Chalice, 1978).

This one is a dud, pretty much. An old-fashioned cavern crawl to get access to an impregnable castle to kidnap some royal asshat for some other royal asshats in an odd remix of British history circa 1100 AD. The intrigues are petty and utterly unimportant to the primary focus of the module (unlike the last few Role Aids modules, where plot actually drives the exploration without being event-focused). There isn’t anything really wrong with the dungeon crawl, it’s more that there is nothing terribly interesting about it. As with Shadow of Evil, the monster stocking and traps feel generic. Unremarkable. I think I’d rather catastrophically bad to unremarkable. Oh, and the throne isn’t actually evil. What a let-down.

The maps are nice and Teanna Byerts’ interior illustrations are fine.

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