Lizardmen (1991)

LOL, wut? This is Lizardmen (1991). After Witches, which seems so in touch with the aesthetics and concerns of the new decade, this one is a very strange throwback. Roger Raup cover, but I don’t like it much. Interior art by David O. Miller doesn’t feel rushed so much as half-hearted. Editor is credited as Drake Mallard, which makes me think there wasn’t much confidence in this book, or that Darkwing Duck is bigger on RPGs than I realized. I suspect that this was an older manuscript tidied up and shoved out the door to fill an unexpected gap in the production schedule. The whole thing feels very thrown-together and careless.  “Just print it, Bill, no one is actually gonna read it.” Except me, thirty years later. Thanks for that, Drake.

A lizardman for all seasons. Yeesh. It’s pretty apparent that no one involved in putting this book out cared overmuch, so I’m going to match that pace and move right along.

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