The Keys of Acheron (1981) is the first expansion for Epyx’s Hellfire Warrior (which I posted about back in December). It’s kind of interesting, because up to this point, all the DunjonQuest games were sort of the story of one character (I say sort of because you only get that info in the manual, not […]

This is the Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985), which remakes the original Temple of Apshai and its expansions, Upper Reaches of Apshai and Curse of Ra. From the year 2021, you have to squint hard to see the improvements, but they were there and probably felt miraculous at the time, judging from my experience with […]

Hellfire Warrior (1980) is the direct sequel to Temple of Apshai and explores the regions below the temple. As you can tell from that amazing cover art, it considerably ups the ante. The four dungeons are the Lower Reaches of Apshai, the Labyrinth, the Vault of the Dead and the Plains of Hell. Scary stuff! […]

Temple of Apshai had two expansions. Upper Reaches of Apshai (1981) is literally the aboveground region that sits atop the subterranean dungeons of the first game — you explore the innkeeper’s backyard, a monastery, a cottage and a wine cellar. Thrilling stuff!. The second expansion, Curse of Ra (1982), takes on an ancient Egyptian theme […]

Here’s another bit of dusty videogame history: Datestones of Ryn (1979). It was a follow-up to Temple of Apshai, but was chronologically a prequel. Temple of Apshai is kinda sorta the story of Brian Hammerhand’s days as a veteran adventurer (though any narrative in that game is paper thin and fleshed out more by the […]

Tabletop RPGs and commercially available videogames were basically happening at the same time. Folks making RPGs recognized the potential for computer versions of their games early on and, in fact, the first computer versions of D&D, dnd and pedit5, both for the PLATO teaching system, appeared in 1975. Temple of Apshai (1979) was one of, […]