This is Isle of Illusion (1983), the fourth book in the Heart Quest series and the final one I own, because the final two had much smaller print runs and are very hard to come by at a not-obscene price. This one is my least favorite of the four, which is saying something. K-Mart Laurana, […]

Secret Sorceress (1983) is maybe the best of the series, though that isn’t really saying much. The main character is a sorceress living among barbarians, where magic is taboo, so she was raised to ignore her own talents. Which introduces an interesting tension. Or, at least it would if there was any instance where choosing […]

Talisman of Valdegarde (1983) is the second in the HeartQuest series of pick your path gamebook romances. In this one, you’re a druid and your potential love interest is a bard. You can tell by the (less exciting) Elmore cover art that he’s going to do all the hard work. The problem is another kidnapping, […]

This is Ring of the Ruby Dragon (1983), the first in TSR’s HeartQuest series of pick-your-path gamebooks. I hadn’t ever heard of these until a couple years ago, and I only snagged a handful recently. As you might have already guessed, the series is romance focused and aimed at women readers. The cover’s trade dress […]