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Harbinger House (1995)

Harbinger House (1995), by Bill Slavicsek (Star Wars), is what I think of as Planescape’s first BIG adventure. While the previous modules are fun, involve planar locations and cast planar powers in roles that are familiar from other modules, Harbinger House has a plot that operates on a planar scale. It is the first Planescape adventure to feel fully distinct from other D&D settings. It is also the first to focus mostly on Sigil, the central city hub of the campaign.

Harbinger House is a madhouse run by the Believers of the Source and is populated by very special madmen. The Believers, well, believe in the divine power of all things and that a great change is coming to the planes. Their wards are people who have displayed unique talents that, for the Believers, mark them as those who will ascend to godhood in that next phase. Which sounds crazy, but on the planes, belief goes a long way and the Believers aren’t far off the mark.

Things are complicated by the schemes of an ambitious succubus who wants control of Harbinger House, and a serial killer who is very close to ascending in this phase of existence. Oh, and Harbinger House is bigger, and weirder, on the inside than the outside would indicate. I love it when they are like that.

Some very nice, moody, ashy art in this one, too. I particularly like Scott Burdick’s stuff, but Robh Ruppel turns in some strong work too, especially the cover. A favorite, all around.

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