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Something Wild (1996)

This is Something Wild (1996). It took so long for this one to come out that I kind of fell out of Planescape and focused more on being a senior in high school (the line shifted to focusing on Blood War novels which, not the best move I think). Perhaps because of that, it doesn’t really light my fire.

It has some cool stuff. One of my favorite Dragonlance novels is the very weird Brothers Majere, which doesn’t feel very Dragonlance-y and features the Cat Lord and, while it is a different Cat Lord, she features prominently in this adventure. Something Wild is also the only adventure I can think of that uses gehreleths/demodands, which is pretty cool too. The Beastlands and Carceri are the main settings and I like them a lot.

Other stuff leaves me cold. Its another political plotting to return an ancient evil story. It feels rather over-plotted, even for a Planescape scenario. The culmination of the story takes place in dreams. Finally, it heralds the fact that the line’s focus is about to shift to the Blood War which, not my bag. I like the Blood War strictly as background material and don’t really thrill at it being the subject of the full blown Planescape meta.

Some very nice art, though. Surprise, Tony DiTerlizzi finally has original art in a Planescape module! What took so long?

Odd note: Harbinger House was the final Planescape module to have a custom screen. This and the last, Doors to the Unknown, feature an odd cover that is also a folder with a couple handouts tucked in. I was real surprised by this when I finally saw it couple years ago – I don’t think any other TSR products use this configuration.

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