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CA2: Swords of Deceit (1986)

CA2: Swords of Deceit boasts one of my favorite D&D covers, depicting the mysterious Gods of Lankhmar walking the streets during the Night of Fear, as depicted by Keith Parkinson (who regularly created a high percentage of my favorite D&D art).

As to the contents of the module, I’m a bit mixed. The three chapters are unconnected and, while they retain a good deal of that Leiber atmosphere filtered through D&D mainstays (wererats are perfect antagonists for Lankhmar), there’s something a bit too wish fulfillment about the scenarios. The one with the wererats involves rescuing a kidnapped Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, which seems a bit much and against the spirit of freewheeling self-sufficiency of the stories. Faf and Mouse often save each other, but I don’t like the idea of PCs saving them. This, of course, is just another facet of the problems of having literary heroes running around your campaign world.

The first scenario is probably the best: a mystery the PCs have no real business being involved in, with dark doings and black magic afoot. Lankhmar at its best, basically.

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