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Wonders of Lankhmar (1990)

Wonders of Lankhmar (1990) is a great idea! A book of short adventures, some loosely connected, some not. The Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories have an air of the farcical to them, with one bizarre event following another, so I love the idea of having a big pile of adventures to throw at players, keeping them flustered and off balance with one thing after another.

Alas, the contents don’t really live up to the advertisement. There are indeed over forty “adventures” here, each between one and three pages. Nearly all of them amount to a single, fleshed out random encounter rather than anything I’d call an adventure though. None of them are particularly colorful and, worse, a lot of them don’t get the tone of Lankhmar. Trolls and carrion crawlers don’t feel right to me for the setting.

That said, I really like the Frank brothers’ illustrations of those monsters. Fred Fields’ cover painting is pretty solid too. It captures that “one thing after another” vibe and I really enjoy how non-plussed our rogue there is by whatever tentacle monster he just escaped.

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