Mountain of Mirrors Puzzle (1982)

For all the weird tie-in merchandise that TSR released under the Dungeons & Dragons banner, puzzles are not nearly as present as you might expect. This is kind of weird, honestly! TSR has plenty of rad art laying around, why not turn them into jigsaw puzzles? Not so much.

They finally got around to it in 1982 with this 200-piece one, released through the American Publishing Corporation (at least to my knowledge — I haven’t found an earlier D&D puzzle yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any). In another swerve, it’s the cover art to Mountain of Mirrors, the second book in the Endless Quest series of pick-your-path novels. Admittedly, it is a great Larry Elmore painting! But, you know, so is the one that fronts Dungeon of Dread, the first Endless Quest book. Yet another TSR head-scratcher, I guess.

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