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Andjang (2019)

Andjang (2019) is a trek up a mountain to find a haunted palace and the horrible parasitic queen who rules there. All royalty are parasites, but in A Thousand Thousand Islands, its a little more literal.

This zine is feels the most like an adventure so far, though the edges of are still vague and dreamlike. There is something to do — go up the mountain — there are places to explore — the palace at the top for one — and plenty of people to meet — royalty, attendants, pilgrims. It’s still all open ended, but there’s a trajectory here, which is a bit of a shift from the previous volumes. This one has the most random tables, too — rumors, magic weapons, eldritch powers, strange travelers. Folks who are looking for something a bit more traditional might want to start here.

This is the, well, not the first notes of horror. Upper Heleng certainly has horrible things in it. But this is the first time ATTI seems to be actively trying to creep me out from the start to the finish. It works. Andjang is unpleasant.

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