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Stray Virassa (2020)

I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around Stray Virassa (2020). It is an island. I can not decide from the text if the “stray” part is figurative — that the island is part of a chain, but sort of oddly or inconveniently placed — or if it is literal — that the island drifts here and there. And I think my confusion is intentional on Zedeck Siew’s part, the devil.

Making matters stranger, spirits of drowned dead of Mu think they must come to the island to linger, thinking it the Fourteenth Hell. Again, the text shrugs about whether this is true or not. It seems not, but then, the island has an unusual density of people with sorcerous talents, so perhaps there’s something to it.

We get to meet some of the sorcerers — a fortifications specialist and a fertility wizard. We also meet folks traveling to seek their advice. Two random tables are there to help you make the oddballs the players meet and I love them. There are also tables for the drowned ghosts. A fold-out insert is for dropping dice on to conjure distant memories of Mu. I like that a lot.

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