Beneath the Moss Courts

Where the issues of Through Ultan’s Door present slices of a larger world and encourage emergent stories, Beneath the Moss Courts (2021) is the first traditionally structured adventure. Gus L., who provided art and cartography in all four volumes of TUD, is the wordsmith here.

What we have is a look at a slice of Zyan’s legal bureaucracy, a good deal of corruption, a beached galleon, a whole lot of pirates, a trial and a very important witness (who is a cat).

I think I’ve said enough on that, actually. It all comes together quite nicely and fits in with the broader Ultan’s Door material so well you don’t see the seems. There are several neat treasures, one of which — a dueling manual — is particularly ingenious.

Really love this cover. Huargo’s work increasingly reminds me of all the things I love about Russ Nicholson.

Taken all together, Through Ultan’s Door is some prime-grade old-school stuff, gorgeously written and illustrated, full of beautiful horrors and sure to delight any fan of Clark Ashton Smith. Snatch them up when you see them.

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