Through Ultan’s Door #3, Part 2

The focus of Issue 3, Part 2, of Through Ultan’s Door (2021) is a site of interest, but not one where adventure will find the players. Rather, it is a sanctuary, where they can rest and recuperate from their sewer journey. That isn’t set in stone of course. There are factions in the Sanitarium of the Benefactors and, players being players, there are plenty of opportunities to overturn the status quo, for better or worse. Some such disruptions can be deadly, or have the potential to seriously change the direction of the campaign.

Or, it can remain a sanctuary. Much of this issue is filled with maladies (including a second pamphlet) which may trouble your players. Judging from what they’ve already seen of the city of dreams, an oasis like this might be worth keeping intact.

There is an adventure site as well — the dam of the lurid toads. They’re suitably awful and their demesne leads to points that will be detailed in future volumes. Short notes on a couple additional points of interest round things out.

Taken together, the two parts provide much scaffolding for Laurence to block out a larger world in the next installments. We’ve covered a lot of ground already, with a good variety of vibes, so I am keen to see what comes next and if we ever get out of these subterranean tunnels into the city proper.

This issue is ruled by Daria Khlebnikova. David Hoskins has a nice piece as well.

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