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Through Ultan’s Door #3, Part 1

The third issue of Through Ultan’s Door (2021) was issued as two volumes. This is the first. Rather than focusing on a single adventure site, as was the case with the first two issues, this one shifts gears to describe the Sewer River, a method of traversal through a larger world. Both the Inquisitor’s Theater and the Fleischguild are on the river. This zine gives an overview for traveling the river and blocks out the many encounters that are possible. A number of smaller adventure sites get profiled, as do some unpleasant artifacts that can be found along the way. It kind of reminds me of a smaller scale Death on the Reik.

My favorite bit, again, is the new rules for dreamers, this time for opium fiends who access the dream city through the use of the drug rather than Ultan’s door (a convenient way to account for folks who can’t make a given session). Laurence fashions a whole class out of it, a variant for spellcasters, with a range of small customizations dependent on the character’s drug of choice.

Laurence couldn’t entirely leave elaborate adventure sites alone for this volume. The Knowing Bee Sweet Forge is presented as a fold-out insert. It is a terrible place, full of bees, honey ghouls and narcotic honey. I love it.

Huargo continues to define this corner of dreams. David Hoskins joins the fun as well. The two work well in tandem.

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