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Evil Tide (1997)

Evil Tide (1997) is the first in the trilogy of sahuagin-centric Monstrous Arcana adventures. It builds on material from the Sea Devils sourcebook and also anticipates the Of Ships and the Sea sourcebook (typical 2e sourcebook synergizing). There are even quick rules for underwater adventuring that are condensed to a half page. Its an improvement, I guess, but still feels like too much to me (I am never gonna be excited about underwater adventures).

This one sort of feels like a remix of materials drawn from the U-series modules. Sahuagin raids, coastal town. There’s more going on here — sea caves, ancient artifacts — but the vibe feels similar. I like the town and the idea of having an island as a home base. It is nicely detailed and I wish the subsequent adventures made more use of it.

Like the beholder adventures, this trilogy is pretty plotty in the mode of 90s D&D scenarios. Less so than the beholder trilogy, but still plotty. There is even a villain monologue cliffhanger/important exposition reveal moment that I kind of love for its obviousness. However, this plot-heavy framing does not serve the next installment well.

Excellent interiors by Glen Michael Angus. I love that full page sahuagin baron. Weirdly the module credits Jennell Jaquays as the cover artist, but that is clearly Jeff Easley’s work.

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