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Night of the Shark (1997)

I dislike Night of the Shark (1997). It is one of those plot-heavy event crawls where the outcome is pre-ordained in order to set up the third module. Which we should just skip to, then, if it is so important. Basically, the folks at Angler Island realize that one of the artifacts acquired at the end of Evil Tide needs to get off the island if they want the sahuagin raids to stop, so the players are given the rock and a ship and orders to get gone. Then they have to lose both the rock and the ship to the sahuagin. Ugh.

There’s a ghost ship and another sea cave to explore (the map directions are north, south, up and down, which I find extremely difficult to parse), some Lovecraftian horror and a terrible pun (a shoggoth-like monster called the Apodalypse). Much sighing. Strong dislike.

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