In the Light of a Ghost Star (2018)

In the Light of a Ghost Star (2018) is one of my favorite of Nate Treme’s ultra light RPG systems (I admit, partly because it features lots of skeletons in space suits). The rules fit on a single page, which is pretty common for Highland Paranormal Society products. Also included in the zine is a broadly defined setting, a sample adventure, a sample dungeon, a location generator, a character sheet and an example of play. In a 14-page zine.

What’s more, everything is super-rich in terms of ideas. This is easily enough material to create a sustainable campaign on its own, or to be strip-mined for a significant amount of material for your science fiction RPG of choice — Mothership and Death in Space probably work just fine. Not bad for 14 pages.

Oh, this one is hand-assembled for Patrons. I dunno if there was ever a different release, but the patron version at least uses random colored paper, so they are all a little different.

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