Kozmik: Objects & Entities (2021)

Kozmik: Objects & Entities (2021) was a ZineQuest Kickstarter project. I am so used to Nate’s zines and such being A. Small and B. Handmade that having a fairly large one that is professionally printed feels unusually decadent.

This is a collection of deep space objects of intriguing aspect. One is a space whale. Another is a planet with a giant sword run through it (I don’t know how big an audience is primed for this sort of Traveller joke, but it cracks me up at least). My favorite is the dead god’s giant skull that has been converted into an sort of intergalactic truckstop. There’s more standard stellar objects as well — a space station, a mining colony — all infused with Treme’s trademark offbeat ideas.

The zine is entirely system-free, which is nice. Most of this stuff could slip easily into any space-faring RPG, from Treme’s own Ghost Star to Mothership, though they seem a little whimsical to hold up on the SF/horror end of the spectrum. All the art is styled the same — a flat, near-abstract depiction of the object that doubles as a minimalist map. I find this extremely appealing and reminds me, for some reason, of Mighty Max and Polly Pockets toys. I ain’t against it.

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