Where the issues of Through Ultan’s Door present slices of a larger world and encourage emergent stories, Beneath the Moss Courts (2021) is the first traditionally structured adventure. Gus L., who provided art and cartography in all four volumes of TUD, is the wordsmith here. What we have is a look at a slice of […]

The focus of Issue 3, Part 2, of Through Ultan’s Door (2021) is a site of interest, but not one where adventure will find the players. Rather, it is a sanctuary, where they can rest and recuperate from their sewer journey. That isn’t set in stone of course. There are factions in the Sanitarium of […]

The third issue of Through Ultan’s Door (2021) was issued as two volumes. This is the first. Rather than focusing on a single adventure site, as was the case with the first two issues, this one shifts gears to describe the Sewer River, a method of traversal through a larger world. Both the Inquisitor’s Theater […]

Issue 2 of Through Ultan’s Door (2020) is my favorite. Is it because it has a Russ Nicholson cover? It certainly helps, yes. Nicholson’s ornate style is perfect for this  dream/nightmare. It is a tricky thing to present something that is beautifully fascinating while also being horrifically dangerous. Such is the case with the catacombs […]