Denial of Destiny (1983)

Denial of Destiny (1983) is the third adventure for the FASA Star Trek RPG. Why did I skip the second? I don’t honestly know! We’ll get back to it. Anyway, sweet cover by David Deitrick and solid interior illustrations by Dana Knutson.

This is sort of a classic Trek set-up. There’s a debris field and it is going to hit the alien planet. The planet doesn’t have space travel, so the Federation isn’t supposed to intervene. But since the debris will basically kill everyone on the planet, the players have to break the Prime Directive and evacuate the population for the duration of the debris storm. So that’s problem one: introducing yourselves to aliens. Problem two: they don’t want to leave. Problem three: the projections are wrong, the debris storm entirely destroys the planet, and the refugees are upset about it to the point of revolt.

All of these are surprisingly fun little problems to hash out at the table and feel suitably Star Trekky. Not bad so far!

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