FASA, which would later go on to do stuff like the Star Trek RPG and Shadowrun, got its start producing third party material for Traveller. Ordeal by Eshaar (1981) is an adventure set during the Fifth Frontier War, in which the players travel to an extremely hostile planet (hot and toxic) where Imperial and Zhodani […]

When FASA started putting out the Star Trek RPG, there was the original series, the cartoon, two films and a large number of (often contradictory) novels. While most of this material establishes a universe, it does so primarily in single servings that are, for the most part, definitively resolved at the end of the episode. […]

As a way to get around the military space stories the designers seemed to naturally gravitate to, FASA released Trader Captains and Merchant Princes in an attempt to introduce a different sort of Star Trek experience. Orion Ruse (1984) is one of the adventures that tries to build on this. It’s…interesting.So, the intrigue of the […]

The Vanished (1983) was the first adventure for FASA’s Star Trek RPG. This is the second printing with cover art by Mitch O’Connell, which I think is slightly superior to the original (unlike a lot of FASA Trek material, the illustrations and maps for this one are pretty solid). The players have to find out […]