The Vanished (1983)

The Vanished (1983) was the first adventure for FASA’s Star Trek RPG. This is the second printing with cover art by Mitch O’Connell, which I think is slightly superior to the original (unlike a lot of FASA Trek material, the illustrations and maps for this one are pretty solid).

The players have to find out what happened at a now-deserted Federation research station, and they need to do it before an oncoming magnetic storm hits. Can I spoil this? I’m gonna spoil this.

There are two separate problems, and the first is likely mistaken as the cause of the second. The first is that several members of an amoeba like alien race have boarded the station — they’re capable of existing (and traveling) in the vacuum of space and, more importantly, can eat people whole. They didn’t eat the crew of the station though! They’re trapped in the memory banks of the experimental transporter that malfunctioned when the aliens breached the station. The entire crew was disintegrated, with their patterns, for the moment, in computer storage. They can be saved, but only if the players figure out the mystery in time.

It’s a pretty great scenario, with a ton of detail on the station itself and the crew. I kind of love this adventure and it is probably a good one to port over to Mothership or a similar type game.

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